Enable Self-Ordering at your restaurant

Solve your labor issues for less than $3/day

Give your customers a seamless self-ordering experience that increases revenue, reduces wait times, and improves the customer experience.

Fast & Easy Setup

Download the Samsung Kiosk App, customize your menu and start taking orders within minutes.

24/7 Support

Get support from our team 24/7 all year round in addition to a dedicated account manager, video tutorials, and guides.

Customize to Your Brand

Use the Samsung Kiosk app to easily customize the kiosk to your brand.

High-Impact Menus to Entice Customers

GRUBBRR’s award-winning platform uses high-resolution menu images and intuitive design to make ordering fast and easy.

Trusted by the best in the business

Self-Ordering Made Simple

GRUBBRR’s software will automatically ingest an existing Clover menu with pricing data, synchronize Clover payment devices to work with a Samsung kiosk, and reconcile all data in a real-time manner. Our automated, deep integration will enable a Clover merchant to be up and running with a Samsung Kiosk and GRUBBRR software in minutes.

No Commitment, Cancel Anytime!

Designed with Small Business in Mind

GRUBBRR Kiosk Setup App enables businesses running Clover to implement self-ordering easily and quickly. It enables the synchronization of your existing Clover menu and the ability to use a Clover payment device with Samsung kiosks. Merchants can also enhance the way their menu items are presented on the kiosk.

Affordable self-ordering for Clover. No contracts, cancel anytime

Increase average ticket size with consistent upsells and high resolution menu images

Fast and easy setup in less than 20 minutes.

Dedicated 24x7x365 customer support team

Synchronized with your Clover dashboard. Automated item86 and menu updates

Fully customizable to your brand including menu images, animated GIFs, and videos

Why Choose GRUBBRR?

The Samsung Kiosk powered by GRUBBRR Clover Edition enables Clover merchants to utilize Samsung kiosks in a fully integrated and easy-to-implement manner.

Designed for Samsung commercial-grade kiosks

Intuitive user interface

Supports high-resolution menu images

Supports video screensaver

Algorithmically programmed upselling technology

Reduce wait times and minimize order errors

Decrease operating costs

Reduce the dependency on labor

Installed and used by thousands of restaurants

No Commitment, Cancel Anytime!

Customer stories

Read success stories from businesses using the Samsung Kiosk powered by GRUBBRR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the GRUBBRR platform and hardware.

How Much Will The Bundle Cost?

Contact your Clover rep or credit card processing agent for hardware pricing.

Monthly Software Subscription Fee $99/month

How long does it take to Install?
  • Installation process takes less than 20 mins.
  • Just download the Samsung Kiosk App and follow the steps display on the screen.
  • Quick Start document will guide you from beginning to end.
  • If you still need help, you can contact our 24/7 support team.
How do I install?
  1. Turn on your Kiosk, connect to the network and mount the Clover Flex Payment.
  2. Download the Samsung Kiosk App and follow the steps.
  3. Go to the GRUBBRR Portal to Customize your Menu.
  4. Start taking orders.
Can I use Wifi?

Yes. The Kiosk can be connected via WIFI. We recommend you connect the Kiosk via ethernet to your network router as WIFI may be less reliable.

How do I buy the Clover bundle?

You can easily purchase the Clover bundle by contacting your ISO or Clover Representative.

Purchase Here

How do I manage my menu?

You can quickly customize your menu in the GRUBBRR Portal. Please go to our Guide to Kiosk Setup (Zendkesk) for more information.

If you need to add an item or change prices, please refer to Clover for changing your menu

Does this integrate with Clover Payments?

Yes. Our kiosk solution is fully integrated with Clover POS and Payment device.

What if I need to change menu items?
Images, display name and active status can be easily changed on the GRUBBRR Portal. Visit our Guide to Kiosk Setup for more information.
Can I 86 items?

Yes. Once you 86 an item in your Clover POS, it will automatically update the status on the Kiosk.

How do I cancel?

Need info for this one.

What is your Support Policy?

24X7X365 support via email and phone.

Does the kiosk come with a warranty?

Our kiosk comes with a 3-Year White Glove Samsung warranty. For details on the warranty contact your Clover representative or click here for additional information.

Can I pick what items upsell?

With our Smart Upselling feature, you can pick the items to upsell. With this feature, you can also change the order of the items shown on screen. Please refer to our knowledgebase for further information on how to set it up.

What is the best place to position a kiosk?

The kiosk goes in place of your existing POS device.

No Commitment, Cancel Anytime!

No Commitment, Cancel Anytime!

Give your customers a seamless self-ordering experience that increases revenue, reduces wait times, and improves the customer experience. All for less than $3 a day.


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